Everything You Need To Know As A Church Social Media Manager in 2023

October 27, 2023

Everything You Need To Know As A Church Social Media Manager in 2023

Social media marketing can feel like an overwhelming, ever evolving journey of keeping up with the latest trends and trying to figure out the latest algorithms.

A social media presence is crucial nowadays for strong church communications and church connection, but it can be a lot to manage.

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6 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Strategies

If your primary job is creating content and social media marketing for your church, this article is for you! Here are some essential key things to consider as you tackle social media marketing for your church.

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1. Align With Your Church's Goals

Identify your church's mission with social media and focus your marketing efforts appropriately. Position your messaging intentionally and make sure your whole team is on board. A successful marketing splash isn't limited to a strong digital presence, but it definitely helps! Knowing what your church is hoping to get out of its social media presence will help mitigate a lot of confusion and frustration.

2. Get Your Content In Front of More Eyes

If you don't have an algorithm free community app like TUVU, you will benefit from putting ad spend behind your posts so your followers can see them. Make sure you have some advertising money budgeted for paid ads so your content will be seen by more of your followers and you can drive more traffic to your account.

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3. Create Custom Content That Is Visually Engaging And Shareable

Create a process for creating short form videos and assets from Sunday service. Creating video reels are a great way to share the heartbeat of your church and also tend to have favorable engagement on all the social media channels out there.

4. Utilize Online Tools To Help Make Content Creation Easy And Fun

There are plenty of content creating services out there, but Canva is our favorite! Using a tool like Canva enables you to easily pump out graphics and text images.

Remember to provide a call to action in all your posts to keep people engaged and start conversations. Ask questions in your caption or encouraging viewers to share!

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5. Develop a Posting Schedule: Create A Content Calendar

Life as a social media manager is unnecessarily challenging without a content calendar. Avoid the overwhelm, and play around with some different creative approaches you can take to your content rotation! Create a rotation of church service recaps, encouraging words, group challenges, promo content, and Bible verses for every week!

6. Join The TUVU App

TUVU was especially designed to help build and foster a stronger sense of camaraderie within an organization or church. It is the first app of its kind that is especially crafted to help organizations, ministries and churches grow in deeper relationship.

Churches everywhere are utilizing TUVU because it enables church members to be engaged with one another and their church from online, anywhere and anytime.

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Why Your Church Needs A Strong Digital Presence

In the old days, the priority was making sure you had a strong website if you wanted to be on the map. That's still important, but nowadays, a strong digital presence means a strong social media presence because that is where people spend their time.

Did you know the average human between the ages of 16 and 24 spends roughly 5 hours and 49 min per day on social media? There is a lot of trash content out there discipling an entire generation.

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We saw the need for a new kind of social media and created a platform especially for hosting edifying, uplifting content, and building community.

Your Content is Powerful

Churches have an advantage in the content game. There is a surplus of visual content from every Sunday and massive amounts of video content that could bless someone!

For every person spending time on social media, there is a piece of content from YOUR church that could encourage them!

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Why Does No One See My Posts?

If you are one of the millions of social media users suddenly noticing your posts have much less engagement than they used to, you are not alone.

Despite your devoted social media efforts, you may have noticed without substantial paid ads, your social media engagement has gone down and your audience is dwindling.

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The Model Is The Problem

It doesn't matter what your church's social media strategy looks like, how consistent you are posting on the church Facebook page, or how many of your church members follow you on Instagram, the fact is it has become increasingly difficult to be successful with social media outreach. And here is why:

Traditional Social media platforms are built ON an advertiser model.
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How Do I Bypass The Algorithm?

This means these platform favor advertisers over users, which means advertisements and paid promos will be favored over user generated content.

Unless you are one of the brands paying loads of money in advertising, it is difficult to determine your posts will see the light of day.

Unfortunately, without coordinated advertising efforts or keen insight into the current algorithm to make it work in your favor, there aren't many ways around it. However, there is a new algorithm free platform called TUVU.

Join TUVU, where 100% of your church can see 100% of your content.

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What Kind Of Content Do People Want To See?

Here are some fresh content ideas!

  • Share about upcoming church events
  • Post an encouraging message from your pastor
  • Capture videos that recap powerful moments from church last Sunday
  • Make a text post with a quote from service Sunday
  • Highlight new members of your church
  • Share testimonies of the people in your church.

What Kind Of Growth Are You Looking For?

Beyond the twitter following, audience, amount of friend requests or video views, every church is ultimately looking to build a strong, faith filled community.

At TUVU, we wanted to build a tool that can turn your church audience into church family.

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A Platform Built For Family

One of the key things we noticed missing from social media platforms was the ability for the church to come together as a people of faith and truly grow in relationship!

With TUVU, we focus all of our efforts on creating tools and features to make that happen.

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Go Beyond Typical Platforms

While traditional social media platforms allow you to follow people from your church, there really isn't a concentrated effort on facilitating and building relationships.

TUVU goes beyond typical platforms, and creates a new world for churches to reach people within their church, build relationship, engage with one another in a meaningful way, and ultimately feel more connected to their church.

More than a place to share content, TUVU is the digital community.

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Importance Of Having A Church App  

Success for us is helping those who desire to build a stronger church. We value data security, privacy and authenticity. Every single member on our platform is a real person, no bots!

What Is TUVU?

TUVU is a tool for churches looking for a new, convenient, creative way for their church to engage with one another and build their faith!

TUVU is secure place online to interact via content sharing and internal communications to the next level. It is a digital platform accessible from mobile and desktop.

If you’ve felt a strong social media presence hasn’t helped facilitate deeper relationships within your church, TUVU is for you!

How Can I Get TUVU For My Church?

If you want to try TUVU out for yourself and discover more about how it can bless your church, click here.

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