About us here at TUVU

At TUVU, we love people and are passionate about nurturing strong families, communities, and societies. Our team is committed to creating technology that enriches people’s hearts, minds, and lives, while making everyday-life a little more fun! Whether through a screen or in person, our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of all those we touch.

Our Mission

TUVU is building the largest online community for people who care about family, faith & values. Our community app lets members discover and share great content, stay close to family & friends, make new connections, and have fun!

Our Values

Integrity & Courage
“We do the right thing no matter what & we will defend traditional values.”

Transparency & Trust
“In a world where your personal data is exploited, we are a transparent and trustworthy company that cares about your privacy. Your data is safe with us.”

Family & faith friendly
“Strong families build strong societies and faith keeps us united.”

Purpose-driven connections
“We connect nations and neighbors to create meaningful, thriving communities.”

Serve & care
“We love people, so we build tech that improves the quality of life of our members & the time they spend online.”

Kindness & Joy
“Our digital space gives room for people to have fun, be kind & generous, and inspire one another.”

Excellence & Innovation
“We are dedicated to providing an exceptional family-friendly app experience that constantly evolves, improves, and delights our users.”

Our Vision

We are creating a movement that leverages technology and communities to influence culture for the glory of God. Our vision is to bring traditional values back to the world of social media where kindness is the norm, virtue is the standard, and a Christian lifestyle is modeled for the next generation.

Strong Communities

With TUVU, you can create a wholesome and enriching digital experience for yourself and your family, embracing a supportive online community that truly cares.

Wholesome Content

Our platform is designed to uplift, inspire, and entertain, ensuring that every moment spent on TUVU contributes to becoming the best version of yourself.

Zero Paid Advertisements

We built TUVU so people can have fun, be kind & generous, and inspire one another in a digital space without ads getting in the way!

Our Team.

We're so honored to have an all-star team of people on board who've worked at some of the best tech companies in the USA. These talented individuals are committed to creating a premium social media platform where positive communication is encouraged and celebrated!

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