Our Mission

TUVU is building the largest online community for people who care about family, faith & values. Our community app lets members discover and share great content, stay close to family & friends, make new connections, and have fun!

Our Values
To create a movement that fosters community without toxicity. Our vision is to bring traditional values back to the world of social media where kindness is the norm, virtue is the standard, and a moral lifestyle is modeled for the next generation.

Our Vision

Integrity & Courage

"We do the right thing no matter what and we will defend traditional values."

Serve & Care

"We love people, so we build tech that improves the quality of life of our members & the time they spend online."

Purpose-driven connections

"We connect nations and neighbors to create meaningful, thriving communities."

Family & Faith friendly

"Strong families build strong societies and faith keeps us united."

Kindness & Joy

"Our digital space gives room for people to have fun, be kind & generous, and inspire one another."

Excellence & Innovation

"We are dedicated to providing an exceptional family-friendly app experience that constantly evolves, improves & delights our members."