About us here at TUVU

We're a passionate group of people ranging from different tech backgrounds who were fed up with Big Tech's manipulation of our cultural narrative. So we created a platform to give people a premium social media experience while giving customers their power back.

Our Vision

TUVU is a premium social platform where you can share your opinions, post and enjoy wholesome content, all the while not be bogged down by third party ads.

Censorship Free

Mainstream social platforms have labeled opposing opinions as "hate speech" giving room to cancel culture, shadow banning, mob-like bullying, and de-platforming it's users. At TUVU, we believe that everyone has a right to their opinion.

Wholesome Content

There's enough internet trash on mainstream social media already. At TUVU, our moderation AI blocks crude content that gets past the other platforms' moderators.

Zero Paid Advertisements

You heard that right. We'll never sell your data to third parties. We're 100% financed by you, not your browsing data.

Our team.

We're so honored to have an all-star team of people on board who've worked at some of the best tech companies in the USA. These talented individuals are committed to creating a premium social media platform where positive communication is encouraged and celebrated!

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TUVU is available right now for iPhone and Android.