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Wholesome, whole family social media

Traditional social media platforms have statistically proven to be harmful for our families. Besides driving our teenagers to lower self-esteem, platforms like Instagram and TikTok are designed to keep you on the platform for hours to increase their advertising revenues.

TUVU is a platform created for connection, not addiction.

Complete data privacy

Unlike Big Tech social media, TUVU does not collect and sell or rent members' personal data. Never have and never will--one of the many benefits of our subscription.

Pure, ad-free experience

Thanks to our membership-model, TUVU does not place ads in your feed or anywhere else. That's a huge difference compared to 42% ads on the other platforms.

Edifying moderation

TUVU is a platform designed with the whole family in mind. That means no images you wouldn't want your teens to see. We invite those who seek a wholesome community, too.

Up and coming community

The TUVU community is founded by members who believe that social media doesn't have to be harmful. They don't always go with the status quo, and they are forward thinkers.

TUVU members do life differently

Social media 10 years ago wasn't nearly as addicting as it is today. Back then, we weren't seeing the rise in suicide and depression that are so common today. Many studies are pointing to social media being the problem. So we reverse engineered the problem and stripped those triggers away from social media to create a totally different social media experience.

Wholesome Content

Our AI driven moderator removes all trashy and jarring images that take the wind out of you on mainstream social platforms.

Chronological Feed

Unending algorithm changes that promote a one-sided narrative? Nah. With TUVU, you'll see posts in the order they're published.

Guilt Free Scrolling

TUVU was engineered for connection between friends and family. Instead of wasting hours going down a rabbit-trail of content, you can enjoy "social media" in a much healthier way!

Zero Paid Advertisements

While mainstream platforms show up to 42% ads (and pay their bills with your eyeballs), you'll feel the difference of a pure, ad-free feed.

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Join the TUVU community today

Every day more new members join TUVU, making it a fun and awesome place to be! What are you waiting for?! You're TUVU's missing puzzle piece!

What do our members have to say about TUVU?

TUVU isn't just any old social media platform. TUVU members set it apart as one of the healthiest, most wholesome social platforms around. Here's what our members LOVE about being on TUVU.

"I love that on TUVU everyone is kind and honors each other."


"I love that I actually see my families' posts on TUVU instead of all ads!"

Carlie Miller

"I love TUVU because of the welcoming community it brings with it. It’s a place where I can be free with what I share because of its troll-free and super friendly environment!"

Will Weidler

"TUVU is the only social media platform that has zero junk posts, the content is meaningful & entertaining as the feed reflects only those that I follow, no joke - it’s really the best time ever!

David Moore

"This platform is a breath of fresh air! It's been a real encouragement to me."

Joe Hox, Illustrator

"This app is so great for families. I didn't feel comfortable sharing pictures of my kids online until I got TUVU!

Kristina Laws

Join the TUVU community today!

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