Ditch the social media slump...

Ever got off a social media scroll session only to feel...down? Unfortunately, you are not alone. This is everyone.

Social media as we know it is built to addict you and keep you coming back for more. In fact, 95% of people from a recent study claim to feel helpless when it comes to quitting their online habits (Stem4 survey).

It's time to break free, and join the movement. 

TUVU's community platform lets members discover great content, share what matters to them, stay close to family & friends, make new connections and have fun in a safe, digital environment.
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Social media is amazing(ly bad for us).

So we decided to raise the standard.

Social media as we know it just isn't working for us. "Scroll down to refresh the feed" was modeled after Las Vegas' slot machines. These platforms are addictive, and directly linked to sky rocketing levels of anxiety, depression and loneliness. But, does that mean we should all throw our phones in the trash and give up? We don't think so!

Here are just a few (obvious) things that needed fixing...
42% advertisements
Selling private data for ad dollars
Explicit content
Increased rates of depression and anxiety

Stay close to family & friends

On TUVU, you won't have to worry about advertisements and explicit posts coming between you and the people who matter most. You'll feel refreshed seeing photos and videos from those you're truly doing life with, instead of what the algorithm wants to sell you that day!

Share and discover great, wholesome content

Feel the difference of seeing uplifting, encouraging content instead of the junk that shows up on other platforms. TUVU's proprietary moderation makes sure the content you see is safe for the whole family. Ahhh, refreshing!

Have fun, make friends!

Instead of driving us to higher rates of depression and anxiety, we believe that digital community should bring more fun, friendships, and laughter into our lives! TUVU's animated emojis and delightful, simple interface inject a dose of happy into everyday moments.

Feel the TUVU difference!

Don't wait any longer! Join TUVU today and embark on a journey towards sound minds, stronger connections, and a whole lot of fun. Together, let's build a supportive community that brings joy and positivity to every moment of our lives.

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