Struggling to keep your church connected and growing?Meet TUVU
Build your church community with TUVU, the digital platform created for member-to-member connection beyond Sundays.
Imagine your church's custom social app...
Imagine checking your phone in the morning and seeing what your church community is up to.

Your flock, connected.
Families growing in discipleship and fellowship.
Prayer requests met with intercession.

You've provided them with the digital space for Revival.
Get Members Plugged In
With TUVU, your members will have a digital space to "meet" other members of your congregation and feel part of the fellowship from day one!
Promote Upcoming Events
Currently, only 1% of your church members see your posts about important announcements and upcoming events on social media. With TUVU, 100% of your members will be up to date with the most important church announcements.
Take Church Beyond Sunday
Many churches struggle to keep current members actively involved. With TUVU, your members can check in every day, post about real family life, share prayer requests, and keep the connection going beyond Sunday service.
Digital Giving
With TUVU's "Donate Now" button--your livestreams, podcasts, posts and more become opportunities to highlight giving and tithing opportunities for your church.
So, Why TUVU Communities?
Let's face it-current social platforms have a lot of junk that doesn't build up the church. With your people on TUVU, you can rest at ease knowing they are using tech you can trust.
Keep up with Tech & use new communication methods
Just because Tech's had some major pitfalls in the past, it doesn't mean we should throw out the baby with the bathwater. When you use TUVU to connect your church, you'll be meeting them where they are on a daily basis: their phone.
Attract and retain new members
New church members often feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting "plugged in." With TUVU, you can greatly shorten the on-ramp from brand new visitor to faithful, devoted member.
Engage with current members & keep them actively involved
TUVU is hands-down the best place for you to share news, announcements, and upcoming events with your church community. In contrast to the 1% of people who see your posts on traditional social media, your whole church will see your posts on TUVU!
Grow your church. Multiply disciples.
Do you want to feel the daily satisfaction of growing a church community that actually knows, prays for, and loves one another (like Jesus said we should?!). Sign up for a demo today!
Everything you need to connect in a digital space
Check out these main features of everything you can do to grow, connect, and engage your community using Communities by TUVU
Live Streaming
Live stream your church's sermons
Video Posts
Share videos of what's going on at church
Photo Posts
Share photos throughout the week
Carousel Posts
With carousel posts, you can upload all the photos from the most recent events
Text Posts
Have a quick thought? Share a text post!
See something you'd like to share? Do so with the re-posting feature!
Church  Tab
Your one-stop-shop for everything related to church announcements!
Community Tab
This is what really sets TUVU Communities apart. Here, your church family will connect beyond Sunday!
Family Profiles
Coming soon, with Family profiles, you'll be able to create a profile for the entire family, and follow other families!
Share your prayer requests and let others know you're praying for them with the prayer feature.
Online Giving
Coming soon, you'll be able to give to your communities' needs right within TUVU.
Direct Messaging
Connect with other members of your church through TUVU's DM's.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TUVU Communities cost?

TUVU communities has affordable pricing for every organization size. When you schedule a demo, our sales team can help you figure out what that cost will be for you.

My organization uses Facebook Groups for something similar. Why should we switch?

We get it-- Big Tech social media is supposedly "free". The answer is twofold. First: Big Tech simply doesn't align with our values. By donating millions to Planned Parenthood, silencing traditional views on marriage and gender, and promoting predatory sexual content to our families, they have actively persecuted and discriminated against people of moral conviction.

Secondly, Instagram and Facebook just aren't great places to build community. Only 2% of your followers on these platforms actually see your posts. Plus, even if your organization's members follow you on Instagram, they cannot easily find other members to connect with.

On TUVU, all your members are in one safe, ad-free space where they can freely connect with one another and build real relationships.

I have TUVU already. How can I get my organization on TUVU Communities?

We're so glad you're already part of the TUVU family! Please feel free to send your organization leader or admin a link to this web page ( ) so they can find out more and schedule a demo with our team!

Where is your office located?

While some of our team work remote in other states and cities, our HQ is in the Southlake neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. USA, all the way!!

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