What is TUVU?

January 4, 2023

What is TUVU?

Tired of seeing endless ads on your social media feed? How about random accounts trolling you? Maybe you’re just unsure of how these big tech companies are using your data. You might just be interested in an additional platform with a new, organic audience. Regardless of how you ended up here, we are so happy you landed with us here at TUVU. In this article, we'll be discussing what the TUVU app is and why you should join us today!

What is the TUVU App?

We've heard it before and you're probably thinking the same thing. "What does TUVU even mean?"

While TUVU is the name of the social app where you can share what matters to you, "tu as vu" in French means "Did you see?"

This meaning, "Did you see?" is important for us at TUVU because you can share photos, videos, news, gifs, and more on TUVU. You'll be sure to ask friends and family, "Did you see what I posted on TUVU?"

TUVU is the social app built for people to connect and share by getting back to the basics. When social media first came on the scene almost two decades ago, no one envisioned having to scroll past hundreds of ads to get to the content they wanted to see from friends and family. The thought of a "bot" was almost inexistent. But over time, Big Tech social media has slowly digressed from the original intentions of connecting friends and family in a wholesome online space.

TUVU is an ad-free, family-values based platform that lets you share photos, videos, news, gifs and more with the people you care about most.

One TUVU member described it like, "A Fresh Shower after swimming through the sewer of Twitter."

But you might want to know more about what we value at TUVU. Let's look at that now.

What values are the TUVU App Founded on?

1. Real Community

Recent reports have shown the sheer number of fake accounts found on mainstream social media platforms to be staggering. When platforms only ask for a limited verification process, it makes it easy for bots to infiltrate the app, which in turn demotes the credibility of your engagement. How many followers are real people? What percentage of likes you’re getting are actually fake accounts? This is a real problem, as Elon Musk has recently discovered at Twitter. It was estimated recently by experts that the low-estimate percentage of fake accounts on Twitter could be around 20%. Be assured, this is not only true for Twitter, but Facebook and Instagram as well.

One of the most highly searched Instagram related searches on Google is, "How to buy Instagram followers." These are vanity metrics for people who just want to feel important or get undeserved brand deals.

For those of us who simply want a place we can be social and share what matters to us like our faith, family, and interests, TUVU is the perfect app.

TUVU has a paywall for a very small monthly membership fee ( $2.99/month) which serves as an automatic verification process. We proudly represent a social media that hosts verified members and protects our community against bots. We have actively seen Bots and Trolls (bad actors) create accounts, get to the paywall and desist. Sorry, Zero Poop, TUVU wasn't the social media platform for you! Try Insta!

This means:

  • Your views are real people
  • Your likes are real people
  • Your followers are real people

2. Your Data, Your Privacy

Mainstream social media platforms are subject to advertisers and their agendas, good or bad. Why? At the end of the day, a company has to make money. Big Tech companies do this through exploiting and mining your data, which they then sell to advertisers to target you. These ads continuously infiltrate your social media feed and take away from building a strong, authentic community. Social media ads take up 42% of your feed. That's almost half!

Because TUVU is a premium, subscription based social media, we are not subject to advertisers. The small fee of $2.99 a month serves you the benefit of an ad-free platform where your freedom of speech and data privacy is protected and valued. Your data will never be sold to data miners or advertisers, EVER!

3. Moderation, no Cancellation  

We believe that everyone has the right to share what matters to them – regardless of difference of opinion. On TUVU, you will not be canceled for speaking your heart. While our moderation software controls explicit content, we value your right to freedom of expression.

Why is the TUVU app subscription based?

As we discussed before, your $2.99/month TUVU membership fee covers the cost to run TUVU, but more importantly verifies you as a real person who wants to have a social media home! It will keep your feed pure and free from advertisements, and your comments sections won't be filled with Trolls and Bots. It's like going back to the heart of why we all joined social media in the first place.

We hope that this article cleared up some of your questions about TUVU and the heart behind the app. We are excited to see you on TUVU and give you a warm welcome!

Join today by downloading on the App Store, Google Play, or email support@tuvu.com and tell them you found us on the Blog for a special free trial!