Church Technology Tips 2023

October 27, 2023

The #1 Thing Every Church Needs To Know Before They Buy

Every church dedicated to excellence wants the best church technology for their team. But here's the secret no one will tell you..

No matter how great the tech is, if your team doesn't want to use it, it's useless.

The truth is, there is a lot of great technology out there created specifically for churches. There is no shortage of quality options, and it can feel overwhelming to find the right fit for your church.

We will cover what to look for and how to sift through the hundreds of church management softwares and livestream services, but at the end of the day, the #1 thing to look for is buy in from your team.

Strong technology makes for better worship services, volunteer experience and streamlined administration.

With all the resources, free training and tools available online, there has never been a better time to put your church ministry on the map!

But if your volunteers and staff aren't open to learning or integrating a new technology into their processes, none of that matters. Start the conversation now and make sure everyone is on board.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's get into it.

Admin Made Easy: Choosing Church Management Software

The importance of a strong Church Management Software goes without saying. The software you choose essentially serves as the backbone of your entire administrative office.

Before you sign your church up for a ChMS, You MUST identify what you need.

Do you only need volunteer scheduling capabilities? Does your church have a lot of events that require more administrative support? Do you have several new visitors every Sunday to follow up with? Are you hoping to manage your churches finances within this software?

How you answer these questions determines what level of software is best for your church and ensure you only pay for what you need. Needs vary based on the size of the church, and price varies by need, so knowing what you are looking for makes the process easier.

Small Church Support: Key Features To Look For In A Church Management Software

Church management softwares offer a range of features, but for small churches, here are some essential features to consider that will help guide you in your search.

  1. Considering your volunteers will be interfacing with the software so much, ease of use is integral to success with whatever church management software you choose.
  2. Whatever size your church is, you will likely find membership management helpful! This allows you to document member's personal info like birthday, address, or contact info as well as church involvement, and store that data in a secure manner.
  3. If you also need a one stop shop to track donations, look for features that accommodate tracking incoming tithes, donations and congregation contributions. This will especially help you generate reports for tax purposes.
  4. If your church facilitates many events, look for event management capabilities that will enable you to schedule and send invitations to your congregation.
  5. Volunteer Management features that offer the capacity for scheduling and tracking volunteer involvement in church activities is especially helpful.
  6. Some churches use external financial tools, but accounting integration might also help streamline your churches financial management, should you need it.
  7. Internal communication tools are not always necessary, but can serve to be very helpful in communicating with your congregation and volunteers.
  8. Overall, you want to identify the needs of your specific church to find an easy to use, cost-effective and scalable church management software. Consider the features above to find a software solution that meets your churches specific needs.
church technology for church leaders

Beyond The Four Walls: Live Streaming

While church technology can serve your ministries various departments, it also serves the church body.

For those who can't attend church on Sunday every week, live streaming makes it accessible for everyone, and helps reach a wider audience to catch new people. It is an integral piece in a connected church - ensuring the whole church body is connected, even if they can't be there in person.

Like any church technology, your needs will vary depending on the size of your church. No matter your size however, here are some non-negotiable, essential features to look consider when considering live streaming servers.

  1. Reliability is of course the number one priority for any streaming service, so you can rest assured the stream is accessible to viewers at all times.
  2. Find a live stream support that connects to Facebook and YouTube but can also operate independent of those platforms.
  3. Make sure you have a software that allows people to interact with chat and offers communication capabilities.
  4. For optimal experience and accessibility, make sure the server is compatible with any device. Ideally, your server is compatible with everything from desktop to mobile devices. This ensures people won't have any bottlenecks in joining the livestream.
  5. The server should have intuitive design and interface so it is easy to use. Easy technology makes for an easier and more enjoyable experience for your volunteers.
  6. Verify the server comes with readily available, reliable customer support so you are covered should any technical issue arise.

Like any church technology, you needs will vary depending on the size of your church, but generally speaking these key features will set you up for high quality streaming capabilities.

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Stand Out: Tips For Building A Robust Church Website

Your website is a place you can capture new members and provide resources for your congregation. It is a massively valuable asset for your church and congregation! A strong online presence helps with church growth, and church communication.

A lot of church websites include all their churches basic information but forget to include ways to engage and connect.The difference between a church and a community is how connected your members are. Providing ways to plug in and serve is the first step to building a strong community.

Remember to put handles for your TUVU and include contact information so people can follow your ministry and keep in touch.

A good church website will also integrate responsive design, multigenerational interface, and utilize SEO to rank well and reach more people.

Here is a check list to help you build a strong church website:

  • Service times
  • Mission Statement/Values
  • Contact Info
  • Social Media
  • Free resources and tools to grow in one's faith
  • Details about your churches kid's ministry
  • Shed light on upcoming church activities and events
  • Directions/Address
  • Link for where people can watch your livestream
  • Ways to give
  • Join the mailing list
church technology to strengthen your church communications

Social Media Made Simple

We want to provide church leaders with all of the best and latest technology so the power of the Gospel can go further faster! And what better way to share God with people than on social media? It is such a powerful evangelism tool.

A focused social media effort enables you to maximize trends to your benefit, target your marketing, and build a strong online presence and community. Monitor analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly to get the most out of your platforms.

Analytics That Will Seriously Change The Game For Your Church

  • Growth Rate - This is more important than how many followers you have. Your growth rate indicates the rate at which you are gaining followers.
  • Reach and Impressions - Reach indicates how many accounts are reached without any ad spend (generally less than 5%) and impressions indicates how many times the post has popped up in someones feed. (pro tip: To avoid the need for ad spend entirely, utilize platforms like TUVU).
  • Engagement rate - How many people saw your content and interacted with it in some way via like, comment, share, etc.
  • CTR - If your click through rate is low, reassess the kind of content you are putting out. Let the data inform the content you produce to have greater reach and impact.

Church Safe Social: 100% Of Your Followers See 100% Of Your Posts

Social media can be a great way for churches to communicate with their congregations, but a huge limitation of traditional platforms is they cater to advertisers rather than users (as mentioned above).

If your reach and impressions are low, it doesn't matter how high your growth rate is. The system is working against you because no one can see your content!

That's one of the reasons we created TUVU. So pastors, church leadership and church communities could communicate with each other on a secure platform and actually SEE each others posts without invasive advertisements or algorithms designed to favor advertisers.

mission aligned online resources

Protect Your Church From Morally Compromising Content

The explore page alone is a prime example of why encouraging your congregation to connect on traditional social media might not be the wisest way to stay connected.

Traditional social media might hurt more than help your church. Never in history has there been more access to a world of knowledge and information. With the internet on our personal phones and computer, there is so much opportunity. But with increased accessibility lurks the increased danger of seeing things we don't want to be exposed to. Never mind our church and our kids.

TUVU is technology created to facilitate meaningful relationships and community building without subjecting you and the people you love to compromise.

TUVU: Social Made With You In Mind

TUVU is quickly becoming the standard for social for churches around the country. This technology provides a way for members to connect with one another in a deeper way, and to stay plugged in with their church between Sundays.

Unlike other social media platforms, TUVU is family friendly and all about wholesome values! And because it is accessible from mobile or computer devices, it is easily accessible for everyone.

TUVU is an essential for church technology. Having a safe and secure digital place for your church to connect online is important, and TUVU makes it easy. Finally, your church members can fellowship digitally without all the concerns that come with traditional social.

Ideas Of What To Post On TUVU:

  • Share video snippets from the service last Sunday
  • Post Bible verses that will encourage your church
  • Send a message from the lead pastor
  • Highlight key points from sermons someone may have missed
  • Create shareable encouraging posts to get the word out about your church!
  • Create text posts with quotes from last weeks sermon

Church Technology Sets You Up For Success

Our mission at TUVU is to help the church body build community and stay connected with one another. We hope these free church technology tips help you and your ministry thrive in every way!

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