5 Ways To Build Church Community in 2023

October 27, 2023

It’s no surprise that building a church community in 2023 looks a little different than it did 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. With so much technological advancement, church’s have a tall order to accommodate and tend to their communities.

In 2020, churches everywhere had to completely reinvent their systems for building community. People were told to stay home as services moved to livestream and small groups moved to Zoom. Now, three years later, many churches have yet to see their congregations return to pre-Covid numbers.

So, how do you build church community in 2023?

Stick around for 5 great ideas to build your church community!

  1. Pray

A praying community is a strong community! Whether you have a big or small church, ask God to bring the right people. Ask the Lord for strategies to build a sustainable, life-giving church body and for ways to grow in greater relationship and unity. God cares about us having deep rooted, life giving community and when we partner our prayers with His will, things happen!

  1. Build Up Your Welcome Team

Your welcome team is the first touch point for every new person. A strong welcome team is comprised of warm and welcoming church members who love God and love people. Equip your welcome team to answer any questions newcomers might present. To help visitors get plugged in, encourage your welcome team to let them know about any upcoming community events they could attend or groups they could be a part of.

  1. Create Community Building Events

Community events are where friendships are discovered and Godly community grows! When the church comes together to laugh, fellowship, and commune with one another, a congregation turns into a family. Get creative and find new ways to get your church together for a time of fun and connection.  

  1. Small Groups = Big Connection

The “church” isn’t a building, it's a body of people! The small group dynamic builds trust and deep connection. Getting plugged in is a huge part of feeling a sense of belonging in a church family, rather than just feeling like an attendee. Organize small groups and make them available to your church. Already have small groups? Take them to the next level by getting your church’s small groups on TUVU, for community wherever you are!  

  1. Use a Community Building App

Having a digital platform for your church to connect with each other between Sundays is a necessity! Up until now, traditional social media has been the only option. But with TUVU, your church is now able to connect on a safe, secure, wholesome platform built just for you! TUVU is the place your church body becomes a community.

Want to get TUVU for your church? Click here to discover more!

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