4 Best Alternatives to Facebook for Christians

With the increase of unexplained closed Christian accounts on Big Tech’s social media, the censorship, and the anti-biblical worldviews, an alternative for Christians is needed like never before. To make it easy for you, we have gathered the 4 best alternatives to Facebook for Christians and shown what sets TUVU apart.

4 Best Alternatives to Facebook for Christians

1. Echo Prayer App

Echo Prayer App is geared towards encouraging Christians to enhance their prayer life by connecting fellow Christians through prayer requests.

On this app, you can follow ministries, churches, and organizations. People can easily watch videos of their favorite pastors and find daily encouragement throughout the app on the Echo App.

What we like:

The best part of the Echo prayer App is connecting with your church and sharing prayer requests. Beyond that, you can pray for other Echo App members.

What we miss:

We were looking for a Social media platform for Christians that was more media-focused. We are on the hunt for a Social Platform where we can share pictures, videos, gifs, and more with friends, family and a larger community.

2. MyPraize Social Network

On the MyPraize social network, Christians can interact with other Christians through a spam and bot-free forum. Users can join groups, connect with other Christians on this online webspace, and keep up with Christian music and video media.

What we like:

MyPraize is more like a forum where Christians can communicate and talk about issues that are important to them. There is a growing community and they are dedicated to their Christian values.

What we miss:

Unfortunately, MyPraize does not seem to quite yet be on the App Store or Google Play, and we were searching for a Mobile app. While they do have a web-based application, MyPraize does not yet have a mobile app.

3. ChristiansLikeMe.Net

ChristiansLikeMe.Net is an online, web-based social network where Christians can connect and discuss faith-based topics with each other by sharing photos or even creating text posts. Though it can be tricky to navigate, ChristiansLikeMe.Net is still a great alternative to Facebook for Christians.

What we like:

We like ChristiansLikeMe.Net's dedication to their Christian values. They are working hard to provide an alternative space to Facebook for Christians. That's a great mission and we align with that.

What we miss:

Same as MyPraize Social, ChristiansLIkeMe.net is solely a web-based social platform. We were looking for a mobile app that was a Christian alternative to Facebook.


TUVU really stands out as an alternative to Facebook for Christians. First off, TUVU is a mobile application that you can download on the App Store or Google Play. TUVU is a social media application that allows you to share your photos, videos, news, and more with friends and family.

What we like:

Since there is much to say here, we dedicated the whole next section of the article to it.

What we miss:

TUVU does not yet have a web application. However, there seems to be evidence that a web application is in the works and will be available at some point this year.

What makes TUVU the top alternative to Facebook for Christians

With the same values and heart to provide a place for conscious social media users, TUVU strives to host a premium environment where members feel free and safe to share what matters to them.

Unlike the above-named alternatives, TUVU offers some features that set it apart and make it the top alternative to Facebook for Christians.

1. 2 Channel Feed

Our 2 channel feed allows members to decide whether or not they want to view content chronologically (Friends feed) or discover what is trending on TUVU (Trending feed).

2. Simple to use Design

Unlike most Big Tech social media platforms, TUVU hosts all media (photo, video, and text posts) in an easy-to-use app. Because TUVU was created with our members in mind to best support their endeavors, outbound links can also be embedded into captions.

3. Made in the USA

One of our biggest differentiators lies in our tech creation. TUVU was created in the United States, in-house in Texas. Every button, feature, and design was meticulously crafted and designed by the TUVU team to ensure the best, most premium experience possible.

4. Verified Members Only

TUVU is a premium, paid subscription for a very low price of $2.99/month or $22.99/year. Members must be verified to join the platform. This means, no advertisements and no bots –  only an authentic community of value-based members.  This is reflected in the user experience. Not seeing an ad every two posts makes for an incredibly pure social experience. In a world where trolls love to ruin social media, TUVU's member based platform is an amazing alternative to Instagram or Facebook.

At the end of the day, whether you’re looking for a value-based community or you’re a Christian that wants an alternative to Facebook, we are excited to welcome you to the TUVU community.

You can download the TUVU app on the App Store and Google Play!

May 2, 2022