25 Ways to Date Your Spouse

October 27, 2023

Remember the early stages of your relationship, when you had just met your husband or wife? The butterflies, electrifying excitement, and magic of those precious beginnings are priceless. Everything was such an adventure. It didn't matter what you did, as long as you were together you always managed to create fun memories and have a good time.

As time passes, the relationship matures and there are trade offs. Those early butterflies don't quite fly away, but they settle down some. That electrifying excitement doesn't dissipate, but it becomes more grounded. The magic isn't lost but it's different than it was at the start.

It's important to remember those initial ingredients that made for such a beautiful beginning: you, your person, fun memories and a good time.

When you date your spouse, you reignite the things that began it all.

Studies Show Date Nights Are A Good Idea

Don't just take my word for it though.

The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia found concluded from their research that married people who prioritize dates have happier marriages! Those who had at least one date a week had lower divorce rates than couples who did not.

While a lot of factors go into why couples get divorced, these findings did highlight the value of regular date nights. They help cultivate emotional intimacy, better communication and a strengthened bond. Date nights create the opportunity for deep connection, fun memories, and a break from the stress of daily life.

Keeping Love Alive

People tend to believe the lie that the romantic spark in marriage will eventually die, but it doesn't have to! Love doesn't have this inevitable fate or death sentence like they claim. But it is something that needs to be stewarded and cultivated. It requires patience, time, and investment.

Regular date nights are a great way for married couples to grow in love, have fun, reconnect, and strengthen their relationship.

Married dating is a great way to spend intentional time building a deep friendship, and keeping romance alive. Who says you need to stop dating once you get married?!

Date you husband / date your wife

Don't Let Life Get In The Way

The mundanity and demands of everyday life can be taxing on your relationship. Sometimes maintaining a functioning household requires both the husband and wife to step into roles that take away from time that could be invested in their relationship.

For example, conversations might center around finances and accounting rather than heart to heart connection. Or discussions surrounding housekeeping issues, rather than dreams and goals.

Between the kids, school, household chores, and other responsibilities, it can be challenging to prioritize date nights with your spouse. It takes discipline to initially work it into the calendar and top of the priorities list, but it is SO worth the investment.

Here are 25 creative ideas for date nights that will keep the romantic love spark alive!

25 Date Night Ideas You'll Both Love

Dating your spouse is a fun excuse to share enjoyable times together and go back in time to when you first fell in love!

  1. Get ice cream and go for a walk at the park.
  2. On a night with nice weather, drive somewhere far out and spend time star gazing.
  3. Do a cooking class together.
  4. Enjoy some one on one time with a view. Get a drink to go and find a beautiful lookout spot.
  5. Go see a movie with some other couple friends.
  6. Go bowling.
  7. Take a course and learn something new together.
  8. Find a common interest you can do with one another.
  9. Make a "To-Do" list for restaurants and check off each time you try a new one! (Post a picture of whatever you get and tag @Foodie on TUVU!)
  10. Go back to the place you had your first date.
  11. Do a water sport together in the summer! Like tubing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, canoeing, etc.
  12. Go fruit picking together.
  13. Spa day! (Husbands - don't knock it til ya try it).
  14. Go on a weekend getaway somewhere a drive away.
  15. Find a nearby wine tour.
  16. Check out a comedy show.
  17. Play mini golf.
  18. Try ice skating!
  19. Make pasta from scratch together.
  20. Go rock climbing.
  21. Go horseback riding.
  22. Attend a concert for a band you used to listen to when you first started dating.
  23. Go to the farmer's market.
  24. Go to a park and have a little picnic.
  25. Have a bonfire and make s'mores.
Date Nights For A Healthy Marriage

Date Night In

Not every date needs to be a trip out, here are some ideas for a date night in! In a chaotic season where are extra exhausted, staying home can be refreshing for your mental health. A date night from the house can be the perfect opportunity to talk and connect with your spouse without the hassle of needing the leave.

If you happen to be a person who enjoys spending a night in, watching movies at home can be a great option for a date from home! Or if you have the house to yourself free of kids, find a new recipe to cook dinner together. (This might beat your favorite restaurant).

date nights for dating your spouse

Make It Personal

Every couple is different. Talk with your spouse and figure out a date idea you both love! If he prefers being outside, and you prefer being inside, maybe switch between indoor and outdoor every date. Or if one of you prefers staying home, and the other prefers going out, take turns. Whatever you choose to do, the main goal is that you and your spouse connect and have time set aside to give one another your undivided attention.

If you are both open to any ideas, try both putting both of your date ideas in a bowl and pick an idea out of the bowl for every date night!

It is important to date your spouse in creative ways you will both enjoy!

Keep It Simple

For most married couples, the most valuable part of the date night is simply spending time together. Talking together and catching up on life is so good for a healthy relationship. For others, date nights are the time for a legendary adventure or super legit experience. One man's coffee shop is another man's jet ski. Just remember it doesn't have to be extravagant to be meaningful. Simply setting aside alone time with your spouse and establishing regular dates can be a game changer for your marriage!

date nights for parents_ dating your spouse
Whatever your love story, date nights are a fun break from the regular routine to spend quality time with your spouse.

Making Time For Time Together

Whether you and your spouse are parents or not, finding the time amidst two busy lives can be challenging.

Dates are all about setting time aside as husband and wife, away from the pressures and demands of life and spend intentional time with your person.

One way we have found that helps make sure date night actually happens is to have a standing date on the calendar every week or month. The rule is, no matter what happens, you have to protect that day and protect time together. Find a day that works for both of you and designate a couple hours to be together.

If once a week sounds overwhelming with your schedules, aim for once a month or once every other week!

Mark Your Calendars Now!

Life can be so chaotic it can feel impossible to find time to enjoy each other's company.

Once you start dating your spouse, you will begin to see things in your own relationship get stronger! Married couples who continue to date each other have healthier relationships.

Whether you choose to take a creative angle or more conventional approach, you will find romance is easy when date nights are part of your routine.

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