1. What is TUVU?3. What is the surveillance economy?4. How is TUVU different from Facebook or Instagram?5. How can I download TUVU for my mobile device?6. What are TUVU's thoughts on Internet Privacy?2. Who is TUVU for?

Q: What is TUVU?
TUVU is Social that stands for Data Privacy, Individual Freedom, and Authentic Community. In a time where “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product”, TUVU is an alternative to Big Tech Social Media. 

Q: What is the Surveillance Economy?
Shoshana Zuboff defines it as, “The unilateral claiming of private human experience as free raw material for translation into behavioral data. These data are then computed and packaged as prediction products and sold into behavioral futures markets — business customers with a commercial interest in knowing what we will do now, soon, and later. It was Google that first learned how to capture surplus behavioral data, more than what they needed for services, and used it to compute prediction products that they could sell to their business customers, in this case advertisers.
In Laymen’s terms, it’s how Big Tech takes what you do online, packages it up, and makes money off of it.

Q: How is TUVU different from Facebook or Instagram?
Instagram and Facebook offer a “free” service that involves making approximately $200/year off of your Personal Data. On these platforms, you’ll find a plethora of Advertisements targeted at you in order to pay for  Big Tech’s Goliath-sized costs.  TUVU is a Social Platform created to serve its members, not sell them out. On TUVU, you’ll connect with your closest friends & family without being distracted by Ad after Ad. You can also rest safe knowing that TUVU is a company built on protecting Internet Privacy, not on spying on you around the Internet. 

Q: How can I download TUVU for my mobile device?
TUVU is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.
Click here to download for iPhone
Click here to download for Android

Q: What are TUVU's thoughts on Internet Privacy?
One of our founding principles is the protection of Internet Privacy for our members. We don’t believe corporations should be able to spy on you across the internet and benefit financially unbeknownst to you. TUVU is a Social Platform that stands for values you can get behind, like Individual Freedom, Data Privacy, and Authentic Community.

Q: Who is TUVU for?
TUVU is for individuals who are looking to return to the heart of Social: connection with friends, family & content.