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About the position.

We are currently looking for more Front End Developers.


Please see more information at TripleByte:

Transparency is important to us. Ask us the tough questions:

While other social media companies are seemingly free, they monetize by gathering data about your browsing behaviors and then sell that data to advertisers. That's kinda sketchy if you ask us. At TUVU, we will never sell your data. We believe that selling your data is unethical, so we went the subscription route to cover our operating costs. You're welcome.

Why is TUVU ad-free?

We’re glad you asked! TUVU doesn’t support ads because:
1. We think it’s wrong to collect and sell your data to advertisers.
2. Ads take away prime real estate for your friends' content in your feed!
3. We don’t think it’s right to track your behavior online to target you with ads. 
4. We think it’s lame to have algorithms that prioritize content to accommodate ads.
5. We believe content should be organically presented as it is posted. 
6. You should be in charge of your feed! Not advertisers.

Why is there a subscription cost?

Your subscription pays for all TUVU operations, so we are able to provide you a platform without exploiting your data to keep us afloat. Plus, without advertisers, we can focus on building a platform that YOU love, rather than one that just makes advertisers happy.

Can I have this account on two devices?

You can access TUVU on your mobile device, as well as a desktop or laptop device. So wherever you are, your TUVU community is in reach!

I hate looking at the world through my phone. Do you have a web version?

You can access TUVU from your desktop or laptop anytime at by clicking “log in to web version” at the top right hand corner.

How many members are on TUVU?

Our community is always growing! Currently, we have around 5K active members on TUVU and we're growing every day!

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to send us an email. We read every one.

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